Wednesday, March 01, 2017

St David's Ash Wednesday

Aberystwyth, St. David's Day, 2016
Happy St David's Day, even though it is also Ash Wednesday!  Let the people of Wales, and all who love Wales, turn to their patron in song.  Song is what the Welsh are best at: after all,  there is no distinction in Welsh between poetry and music; there is only cerdd.  If Ireland is the land of saints and scholars, Wales is the home of monks and musicians.

May the Welsh people, who should know better than most that anything that is not firm rock is deep water, never cease to mark St. David's day.

Dewi Sant, gweddia drosom ni!

Parêd Gŵyl Dewi Sant, Aberystwyth, 5 Mawrth 2016


  1. Anything that is not firm rock is deep water...I like that very much!

  2. Well, in Wales it is usually one or the other! And everywhere else, in the end.


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